my lil achievement

Wheee~ i had mine last paper two weeks n dis marks the end of SMurF village life! *hopefully* hehe.. but dis is not the reason for posting dis entry..

the reason is bcoz i can’t hold my excitement any longer! nope. not bcoz my CNBLUE juz touched down at KL int’l airport 2hrs ago for Blue Moon.

It’s because…

i know how to sing and play ukulele at the same time! lyk suddenly! normally singing with a single strum is easy, but I’m toking abt a full calypso strumming pattern here!

down down up up down up

my ukulele

was sooooo happy! maybe it’s bcoz of the CNBLUE sticker there.. lol!

even though there is still much room for improvements. shall keep on practising till it is good enuf for me to surprise my frens! =p btw, the song is 细水长流. me n my ukugang started playing this song after we watch That Girl in Pinafore 我的朋友,我的同学, 我爱过的一切! its a awesome local film portraying a Singapore love story in the 1993 setting. really love the songs in it. here’s a few music videos frm the movie.

lil botak will be back soon! fighting!!

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the countdowns

HELLO 2013! woohoo~ so most of us survived the “end of the world”! I wonder if there are really ppl who totally spend all of their fortune? hope not! haha.. shall not list any New Year Resolutions for 2013. coz it seems lyk i failed in realizing most of them. =x sighs…

spent the last day of 2012 & first day of 2013 home, coz i wasn’t feeling good.. had sore throat n cough n I’m not fully recovered yet. so technically I’m sick since last year! seems lyk a bad omen.. lol! anw, here are the Xmas presents I have received! very loved by my santas, eh? hehehe.. half of them are frm the tkd peeps~

many many loves! ^^

so my countdown begins!

2 more days to CNblue’s korean comeback ^^
3 more days to GDA 2013
approx 5 more mths to Yonghwa Land, Korea
approx 6 more mths to Hair For Hope 2013
approx 7 more mths to graduate
approx 9 more mths to Throw Hat Trip
approx 11 more mths to marathon

n sadly, just started a new semester ytd! need to countdown to my next assignment deadline as well.. there are 7 assignments in total! comparing it to 4 assignments for the previous sem, its quite overwhelming.. but anw, it a Saturday! shall relax for a while.. =p

cant wait for their korean comeback!! ><

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all i want for xmas is…

definitely YONG!! hahaha.. XP how can i call myself a BOICE (not a die-hard one though) without any post on CNBLUE in my blog? right now, they are having their 2012 Blue Night in Seoul~~

sigh.. really a ‘blue blue nite’ for Boice who are unable to attend.. in the past, i dun really lyk rock band because metal rock songs are not really my cup of tea. but things start to change after i begin to notice CNBLUE. i guess its becoz they produce their own songs. so when you listen to theirs songs, you can feel their hard work, thots and personality which differentiates CNBLUE’s style frm the rest. n i believe many Boice felt the same as me. hehe.. *imagining YH with a pencil, music sheet and his guitar, writing a song late at night*

“We used to be an unknown band in Korea, But! Now it’s ok! Because We have fans who support and love our music. And now we want to let fans in the whole world feel that following this band is something they can be proud of. We are this kind of person. Hello! We Are CNBLUE”

20120329 MCountDown CNBLUE Comeback
Narrated by Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE)

looks aside, they sing, act, make real music and YH even do emcee. talented indeed! ^^ toking abt emceeing, yonghwa & hongki are both MC of Golden Disk Award 2013!! Its on the 15th & 16th Jan, held in KL! but the early bird promotion just ended yesterday, which means that you will need to pay RM 999 + RM10(internet booking fee) if you wanna stand as close to your idol as possible. TTS is going as well! perfect for yongseo fans. but i’ll have to give it a miss even though they are so near coz it’s on weekday n I haf no more leave to take.. T-T

recently last mth, YH & JH are spotted at Zara in Vivocity! apparently, they flew here for a magazine shoot without any media attention. some lucky Boice even managed to get YH’s signature!!!

Jayna is a lucky girl! ><

was searching for some comfort on youtube, n i found dis! omg, 找到宝了!!! how i wish i could see them perform acoustic version of their songs live on my bday! ^^ lol.. CNBLUE make the effort to rearrange their songs for the Boice in Japan! listening to these songs on a rainy sunday afternoon is absolutely heaven~ n the setting is so cozy, with ppl ice-skating below.. awww.. CNBLUE daebak!!

dat’s my CNBLUE! ;D

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had a busy busy November

yay, my IMC paper it’s over & I’m here to blog again! Nov have been quite a packed mth for me. my colly is still on long term MC, going to 5 mths oredi! but luckily there is a new comer to lighten all our workload. now there is someone sitting next to me.. not quite used to it as the seat has been empty for the past 2.5 years.. =x

it is also until i need to guide/teach her that i realised, it is not easy to guide a newcomer. diff ppl haf diff speed of learning and style of doing things. so when she has many questions to ask, it acually interrupts my work flow and momentum. very glad dat there are ppl who are willing to teach me when i 1st came. esp my lady boss, who teach me lots of relevant techniques which TP doesnt. i wonder if my colleagues ever find me a bother in the past..  have been asking them alot of questions (n giving them problems) when i juz started working.. =x

here’s an achievement for me in Nov! it’s one of my things-to-do-b4-I-die. finally able to strike it off. hehe.. n my aunt was right, running is addictive.. not gonna stop here coz I’m preparing myself for Sundown in May 2013! =D

i haf conquered 9km!!! woots~

another event would be the big day of Mr & Mrs Mok! hehe.. am so excited abt being a sister for the 1st time. the gate crashing preparation, the pretty dresses, video filming & dinner registeration are all wonderful experiences for me! the couples are going to their Europe honeymoon in Dec soon! really glad dat they haf been there for each other, after all the things dat they have went thru.. =D

the royal purple sisters!

me n the pretty bride! =D

woke up early in the morning to prepare ‘treats’ for the brothers =p

with ning ning & ting ting! =)

almost one event happening every weekend! haha.. n for the last week of Nov, it’s mummy’s birthday! time passes so fast, she is using a senior citizen ez-link card now. this oso means dat the responsiblity of taking care of my ageing parents is getting heavier… aigoo~

mummy’s 60th birthday! =D

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2nd Year in Murdoch Uni

wow.. after 6 mths since i last login to WordPress, the interface has changed quite abit! didnt have the time to blog coz last last sch holiday was rather short.. only 2 weeks, n it is occupied by OT, outings and KL trip! hehe.. quite rare that i actually blog on a weekday, during a sch term huh? lol.. maybe tdy is a special day.. there are things to read up for the upcoming test but i decided to take a break tdy! ;) this is one advantage i can make use of, because i take only one module this sem (instead of two). hehehe.. =p

But it seems lyk i am still as busy as the previous semesters.. there is weekly badminton session, weekly jogging session and at least two OT days per week as well! maybe i can add on a weekly blogging session next sem~ haha.. anw, getting sick of school oredi..really looking forward to the next sem.. coz one step closer to throw hat trip! wheee~ i thot i’m sure to have more free time this sem, since i cut down on my mods.. but things dun go as planned. its normal i guess. =/

let me rant abit.. my colly fall sick n has to go back to China to recuperate for 2 mths.. everyday, WEprint is lyk a warfront now.. us VS all the customers, calls, faxes, emails n urgent jobs.. haiz.. dun even have time to finish uploading my TW photos after all the draining OTs.. but i’m thankful for the regular customers who understand our situation and didnt rush me for the artworks.. every time they said they lyk our service, every time they expressed their appreciation, i felt dat the hard work is worth it.. =) oso, i signed for the Passion Run 2012, 9km sunset run.. haha.. honestly since sch starts, i haven not been exercising.. not even my fav tkd! >< so i guess i have to run regularly to get back my stamina (n my waist).. HWAITING~!

my eyes need a break, time to head to bed.. good nite ppl~
& i have juz updated my twitter background!! ♥ ♥ ♥ my Yonghwa~!! ^^

time to tweet more! ;D

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sem 2 cleared!

Yay! it’s the end of another sem again! woohoo~ is seems lyk it’s been yrs but i haf only been thru 2 trimesters.. lol.. 4 more trimesters to come! juz went to sch coz my change of course haf been approved! image

frm Mktg & Media to DIGITAL Mktg & media.. lol.. if they haf come out with dis course sooner, I wud not haf to waste $53.50 to add the word digital to my cert.. TSK! envy those ppl who are graduating after dis sem – cat, kw, kareen n my lady boss! haha.. but come to tink of it, they haf been thru all the ‘sufferings’ as well, juz dat i started later. next sem onwards comes all the Yr 3 mods n meeting real life client for Campaign management..

wonder wad will be hectic schedule + HD grpmates = ???

toking abt my HD grpmates.. they helped me to get HD & D for group assignments n presentations! wad an ‘achievement’! lol.. so we’ll be heading to KL for a short getaway~ whee~ haf not travel out of SG since 3/1/2010! almost 2.5 yrs oredi lar! >< n a double whee for Westin KL! hahaha.. nv stayed in a 5* hotel b4.. so looking forward to it.. hehe.. =D

n for the few mths, unhappy things happened too.. =( dis wan spoil, dat wan spoil, things got scarred.. lyk my 6 yrs old Wenz 老大 n my 4 yrs plus puma shoe! haiz… n sometimes, some things were better to be left unspoken.. on the bright side, i haf come to know myself n the ppl ard me better!

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how do u end your 2011/Year of Rabbit?


i noe its abit late.. but dis is still my first post of 2012! may everyone HUAT HUAT HUAT! hahaha.. thot dat i’ll haf alot of time to do my stuff [assignments, blog, visiting, packing my room] due to WEprint CNY shutdown but i was wrong!! 大错特错! my 1 week of NO SCH, NO WORK break is almost ending!! its lyk so rare, so rare dat i dun wanna do any work/sch-related stuff.. but it feels lyk i have wasted my precious break away as well.. sigh.. let’s see how do i end the rabbit year!

20 Jan | cleared my work till lunch & spent the next 4 hours doing spring cleaning in office.. farewell dinner for eliz after dat..

21 – 22 Jan | slpt all the way till noon & spring clean my hse till evening.. den i tink abt my 9 days without any sch or work, so might as well watch a few dramas or movie to relax first.. any other things can come later.. lol! =p

23, 24, 26 Jan | visiting relatives, feasting, watching TV.. n most imptly, COLLECT ANG BAOS~ ^^ my close relatives still doted me as much as in the past.. hehehe..

25 Jan | watch some dramas, read up a little of my consumer behaviour textbook.. many many ‘taptations’ when i open my book though..

27 Jan | planned to go to GE lib but work up late.. here i am, browsing clothes online, fb, n blogging….

28 Jan | will be going lib in the morning (hopefully i can wake up) & having a All-The-Best Dinner for Ah Yong b4 she serve the nation!

29 Jan | will be going lib in the morning as well & meeting smurfina and gang to go to Playnation! nv go b4 though.. hahah..

pretty much lyk the life of a slacker, huh? opps! shall start typing the report after finish blogging..

first moments of 2012
last yr 2011 12.00am, i was laughing at KW for spending her last moment of 2010 and first moment of 2011 in the toilet.. dis yr karma did its job and i spent my first moment of 2012 in the toilet as well.. fortunately no one laughed at me.. =p

first stayover of 2012
didnt go to any countdown party coz the crowd is not for me.. am someone who needs to slp! haha.. but thankfully its a Sunday and the following monday became a public hol, so the KCGJ can celebrate the 1st day of 2012 tgt! its lyk a eating camp at cat’s hse.. we had steamboat for dinner, ice cream for desserts, soup for supper, western breakfast the next morning, more soup, avocado desserts and not forgetting the mini pizzas jing jing n me baked for everyone! haha.. making myself kinda hungry now.. >< last last xmas tommie shared with us her You Are Beautiful drama.. n in 2012 we watched You Have Fallen for Me tgt! hehe.. the main leads are ♥ Yong hwa ♥ Shin hye ♥, who acted in YAB as well! n… we haf all fallen for Yonghwa indeed! LOL.. absolutely absolutely absolutely heart-melting & really really really charming when he sings~ XDD

Resolutions for 2012
being the first post of the year, resolutions is a must! after reviewing my 2011 resolutions, i tink i fare a 3.5 out of 5! hahaha.. not too bad hor? its a Distinction based on SMA’s standard.. lol.. here’s a updated list for the year of the water dragon!

  • exercise regularly
    haven been going to trg ever since sch started.. more of laziness than no time.. my papa say i fat fat & my lady boss noticed dat i haf put on weight.. even mic sir say i set bad example.. lol.. ><
  • work harder for HDs
    only get 2 Credits last sem.. & for dat 1 more to Distinction dat i have missed, i hope it can motivate me to persevere thru dis sem!
  • be a better employee
    alwys dunno how to handle 难搞 customers’ calls & transfer the call to my colleague and lady boss instead. hope i can learn how to solve the problem myself and not conveniently let others settle it for me.. ><
  • at least 1 overseas trip 
    haven step on a plane since 3rd Jan 2010.. which means dat i have been in dis sunny island for 2 yrs plus oredi!! omg.. hopefully i dun haf to take too much leave for studies dis sem.. den i can save it for a short trip somewhere.. hehe..
  • stop wasting time on unnecessary stuff
    such as FB, twitter, youtube, tv programmes, gmarket & angelroid’s tabtation.. hahaha..
  • get rid of those annoying acne scar
    by eating more veggie, slp earlier & drinking more water!
  • saving up for my dream
    maybe start investing? lol..
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